Ligandrol LGD-4033

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3mg 90 capsules

SARMs Ligandrol (LGD­-4033) 4 to 12 Week Supply

Effects similar to anabolics with size and strength
Minimal Side Effects
Excellent for recomping
Healing properties
Prevents muscle wasting
Works well as a stand alone or stacked with other SARMS
Great results in every aspect for different types of goals
Half life of 24-­36 hours

**Disclaimer- SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modifiers) may not be approved for use in professional athletics- please check with your organization prior to taking any substance that is not NSF certified**

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What is LGD­4033?

LGD­-4033 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARMS), and a novel non­steroidal oral SARM that binds to AR with high affinity (Ki of ~1 nM) and selectivity. It’s in a class of androgen receptor (AR) ligands that is tissue selective, developed to treat muscle wasting associated with cancer, acute and chronic illness and age­related muscle loss. LGD-4033 is expected to produce the therapeutic benefits of testosterone with improved safety, tolerability and patient acceptance due to tissue­selective mechanism of action and an oral route of administration.

How it works

LGD­-4033, a novel nonsteroidal, oral selective androgen receptor modulator, binds to the androgen receptor with high affinity and selectivity. It demonstrates anabolic activity in muscles, anti­resorptive and anabolic activity in bones and a robust selectivity for muscle and bone versus prostate and sebaceous glands. LGD­-4033 has recently completed a Phase I Multiple Ascending Dose study in healthy volunteers. This randomized, double­blind, placebo­controlled Phase I study established the safety and tolerability up to doses of 22 mg per day.

Uses of Ligandrol

LGD-4033 is still fairly new (3­5 years), but the results have been very similar in studies and logs. LGD­-4033 has undergone several recent studies and trials to find the best and safest way to use it. From these trials, the results have shown increases in lean body mass and decreases in body fat. There is also a significant increase in strength, well being, as well as healing possibilities.


LGD-4033 has shown the most ability of any SARM to put on size that could be considered a bulk. This will, of course, be dependent upon the diet used. Users that have experienced more than 10lb. increases, and have had a significant increase in calorie intake. The possibility of this type of size is present with LGD-4033 use. A recommend dosage for this type of goal would be 5­-10 mg day for 8 weeks.


LGD-4033 seems to shine with this method. Many have seen an increase in lean body mass and a decrease in body fat. LGD-4033 seems to work the best with this method. Ran in conjunction with other SARMS, like cardarine (GW­-501516), will only increase the likelihood of a stronger recomp. Recommended doses for recomping would be 5-­8 mg a day for 8 weeks.


LGD-4033 can be used to cut as well. It will shine more­so if ran in conjunction with SARMS S­4 and Cardarine (GW­-501516). This would be similar to a SARMS triple stack that is normally ran with Ostarine, except there is a possibility of more size being put on while cutting. A good dose for this method would be 3­-5 mg a day for 8 weeks.

Side Effects

Through studies and logs, the side effects from LGD-4033 have so far shown to be minimal. The suppression shown has been dose dependent, but there has been a decrease in total and free testosterone as well as SHBG. These interesting findings have show NO significant decrease in LH or FSH. This is very encouraging to users as it shows that while suppressive, recovery will still not be near as long as with anabolic steroids. LGD-4033 is non toxic and side effects have been mild to minimal. It has not shown increases in estradiol ,but, as with anything, an aromatase inhibitor should be kept on hand.

A full pct, as opposed to a mini pct with other SARMS, is recommended after a cycle of LGD-4033. While it may not be quite as suppressive as anabolics, the suppression is much higher than other SARMS, thus, requiring a full PCT.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    If your looking to maintain your strength while reducing your calories then you’re definitely going to need this. I felt strong the whole time on this product while keeping my calories on a deficit

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    I used this SARM while I was in a calorie surplus! Gained about 12lbs. Muscle was dense and strength was better then Ostarine. Great product to stack with MK-677. I used it first time alone then with MK-677 with even better resluts. Lean gain about 7lbs and the MK-677 helped with appetite and recover

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    ftimbrell (verified owner)

    I am currently using LGD 4033 stacked with SR9009 . and have noticed much more strength and endurance . too soon to see results but i am able to lift more , more reps so anticipate a faster build . im going to purchase again.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    aturner102 (verified owner)

    Best product out there. I have gained a Lot of strength and mass while using this.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    rjk197229 (verified owner)

    So far Im liking the pumps on first week. Have taken other brands that give less results. It’s early for a more better review but so far I’m a believer.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    dannymo69 (verified owner)

    Love this product! The size and strength you put on is fantastic. Yes, you do maintain more water weight but when you’re bulking it really doesn’t matter! As long as you’re in a caloric surplus and have the right nutrition and training regiment, this product will take you to the next level.

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